Jason Eldred

Interaction Designer

Jason Eldred


Bee is an Interactive Fine Art Installation built in the Unity engine with a capacitive touch hardware interface. It is actively undergoing development.

A quick video of the first part of the Installation.

Bee examines the relationship of nature, industry, and technology through the ecological disaster of Bee populations dyeing off. Current signs point toward the involvement of pesticides and mass agriculture in Colony Collapse disorder and so we decided it would be a good issue to bring awareness to.

The response to a player pressing one of the Bee Buttons

The interface feedback to a player pressing that bee button location on the custom table.

This project is part of Alex L. Bennet’s MFA Thesis at the DigiPen Institute of Technology. Using a combination of Photoshop and AfterEffects, Alex has created most of the spectacular effects in the project so far. He’s also learning about existing Unity tools such as the Mechanim animator and Particle Effect systems.
Dustin Williams is the Sound Designer for this project and with Unity’s FMOD integration, he’s integrated parameterized sound space and dynamically pitch shifted sound effects into the project.

When left idle, a hand print appears to prompt passers bye or onlookers to touch the interface.

My role in this project has thus far been hardware and building in Unity. At the beginning of this semester, I learned about Arduino in a workshop and have integrated an Arduino unit with a capacitive touch shield into our Unity project. Using capacitive touch, two projectors, and a custom table, I’ve been able to create a layout with a projected interactive touch interface that motivates and effects a large piece of fine art projected on the screen or wall.

Indicators of progress in the “Tug of War” stage. Both an indicator turning green in phases and the background slowly shifting from natural to industrial.

It's been really rewarding to explore a space adjacent to game design. Many of the same principals of interactivity apply the same as they would in a game, while others, such as “winning” seem inappropriate to the medium.
There’s a lot left to learn and do on this project, but it’s immensely interesting and rewarding to get to play in such a unique design space and with such talented artists.

Fine Art meets Interactivity in this beautiful project.

  • Role Interaction Designer, Programmer, Unity Dev

  • For Guerrilla Nouveau – DigiPen

  • Date Fall 2016 – Present

  • Type Interactive Art Exhibit – Unity & Arduino

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